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Latorre Sports AUS offers martial arts training and classes with a focus on kickboxing and taekwondo WT. Our methods are a breakthrough approach to introduce pre-schoolers, school kids and their families to martial arts and to develop social and basic motor skills. We run a Jungle Martial Arts program, which complements the education that our children receive at school and improves social and individual interaction, discipline, perseverance and control of emotions through martial arts and the lifestyle attached to it. Our program is based on Diana Latorre's experience as a physical educator and her experience with martial arts for more than 35 years. Diana observes the need for kids to participate in after school activities in which they interact with friends and develop an interest in physical activity that they really enjoy. Jungle Martial Arts has identified these activities and designed a program that is enjoyable and satisfies both kids and parents. A great customer satisfaction policy! Contact Diana at Latorre Sports AUS today!

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