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Why choose Pure Kung Fu?

Have you ever admired the grace, power and agility of the animal kingdom? Kung fu is based on the movements of animals and through it you can help develop your own strength, speed, agility and flexibility. It's a great way to get fit and healthy and learn about self-defence at the same time. Suitable for men, women and kids. At Pure Kung Fu, we use Wing Chun training, a whole body & conditioning exercise program utilizing ancient Eastern training methodologies with Western Sports science. It is a low to moderately intense program & with regular participation can assist in improving & maintaining weight loss as well as improving your aerobic & anaerobic fitness. Our classes are professionally supervised by qualified Martial Arts Sports Coaches in the area of health & fitness. While some of our activities require partner training, all activities are controlled & conducted in a supervised & safe environment. However, it is ‘martial art' training & not ‘ballet'. Students can choose to train as hard or as soft as they like with a complying training partner. Yes, a kick is a kick and a punch is a punch BUT we can teach you proven, scientifically tested strategies on how to improve your self-defence skills while at the same time improving your fitness and having fun!

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