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"Drop it down, right down into your body, Yes, into your torso, Into your arms, into your legs, into your neck, Drop right into your body flow, Into the state of the movement, Into the present moment in motion, Free your emotions, express
Ramsrikma karate martial arts
I'm an instructor for Karate Martial arts. I'm teaching all the techniques and self defence. Pls contact me if you like to get a lesson
Southside Academy of Combat
Southside Academy of Combat is a fully equipped self defense centre that offers Silat, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Close Quarter Combat and Kickboxing classes for the family. At Southside Academy of Combat, we offer a wide variety of disciplines ranging fro
Shingin Budo Brisbane
Martial arts school based in Brisbane. We train on Sundays at Burnie Brae Park Chermside. Contact Fraser for membership, class fees and any queries. WHAT IS BUDO TAIJUTSU? BUDO TAIJUTSU IS BASED ON THE NATURAL STRUCTURE, FLOW AND BALANCE OF
Exit To Enter Martial Arts
Physical trainer & Martial Arts tuition. Karl has an extensive background in PT training and Martial Arts. Beginners to advanced Karl can accommodate any student to help them achieve their goals. Please contact Karl to discuss what services he of
Bayside Hapkido
Hapkido is the art and science of self defence. It combines a powerful arsenal of kicks and punches, with thrusts, sweeps and a combination of hard and soft hand techniques. Throws and wrist and joint locks are also a feature of Hapkido. Hapkido
Bellistic Fitness
Functional group training including kettlebells and martial arts.
Tracy Richardson
Gaterhunter! Boxing ring builder and boxing ring for hire. Not-for-profit organisation driven by a passion for boxing and mixed martial arts, as well as a commitment to helping clients reach their fullest potential and become the fittest and stro
Cutting Edge Martial Arts Centre
Cutting Edge Martial Arts Centre is a purpose built Martial Arts Centre that offers classes in Traditional Karate and Fitness Kickboxing. Classes are available for all ages from 3 years to adults. Our classes are for all skill levels from beginne
Who are K.O. Martial Arts? Operating for over 15 years on the Redcliffe Peninsula, we are the premier martial arts facility for beginners to seasoned martial artists - from 5 years old to 80. We specialise in: Karate Children's Karate Muay Tha
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