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In our style we study strategy and technique to be used in real self- defence situations and competition where desired. We are resilient, confident, transparent practitioners who are committed to the study of martial arts and its many variations of application. This is what we teach; our aim is to remain physically and mentally healthy, to encourage the study of many different forms of martial arts, to encourage knowledge and the passage of that knowledge, and above all, to be involved in our community in a helpful and purposeful manner. We are a freestyle (mixed) martial art that continues to adapt and evolve to our environment. Regardless of the art or style, our teaching can be broken into two distinct areas of study that work in synergy with one-another. • Physical & Psychological The Physical aspect of our teaching represents our physiology and the way in which it works within the movements of martial arts. It can be broken into five (5) subgroups; • Training Fundamentals • Movement and Technique • Control and Manipulation • Strategy in Self-defence • Quickness and Power The second area is Psychological. It represents our critical thought processes, applied knowledge & understanding, communication, determination & spirit, theory, ethics and law. This is divided amongst five (5) subgroups; • Exploration, Understanding & Instruction • Applied Knowledge and Theory • Endurance and Determination • Adaptation & Versatility • Combat Orientated Systems The Senshido Martial Arts system, its teachings and what we strive for ultimately encompass the seven (7) essentials/ virtues of Bushido. What is Virtue (Moral Excellence) – A virtue is a positive trait or quality deemed to be morally good and thus is valued as a foundation of principle and good moral being. • Integrity • Respect • Courage • Honour • Compassion • Honesty & Sincerity • Duty & Loyalty Senshido Martial Arts Mission: Our goal is to provide highly advanced, quality martial arts instruction in an environment that is fun and safe. We seek to continuously develop and foster a culture of friendship, respect, and discipline that lays the foundation for and enhances the development of positive life skills in our students. Senshido Martial Arts Vision: We commit to developing oneself in a positive manner, to avoid any such thing that may hinder or reduce our mental and physical growth and wellbeing. We intend to develop self-discipline to bring out the best in our lives and the lives of others. We intend to use the skills and knowledge we learn constructively and defensively, to serve and be a protector of others. We commit to being leaders' who empower others through our actions, leading by example in training and everyday life whilst continuing to seek “Righteousness” in all things. Senshido Martial Arts Motto: "Whatever It Takes"

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