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Red Dog Taekwondo
Red Dog Tae Kwon Do is a Martial Arts School offering Tae Kwon Do classes in Safety Bay for kids, men and women. Red Dog Tae Kwon Do is Located at Safety Bay Rd Classes Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays - please contact for opening hours
Willetton Shobukan Martial Arts
Willetton Shobukan Martial Arts empowers people of all ages to achieve their full potential. You will learn Self Defence and become healthier and fitter. Your Child will learn Life Skills in a friendly, safe, positive environment. Children grow t
Life martial arts is a full-time world-class martial arts facility that provides real-world self-defense that caters for the whole family. Our highly skilled team is passionate about helping you and your family have fun, get fit and most importantly
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Safe Space Training
Self-Defence Master Classes. Be your loved ones' superhero, take self-defense classes with us today and know you can protect your family. Hi! Greg McKay here from Safe Space Training. We specialise in family safety and believe everyone has the
Griffin Aikido
Griffin Aikido is a local martial arts club based in Blackwood South Australia. Classes run on Tuesday nights for adults and children. We focus on traditional training and modern day application. Build confidence, Coordination whilst getting great ex
We are a humble family based business. Families love to have fun together & also fight from time to time. We here at DNA MMA are lovers & we love to fight. A family that trains together, will stay together. What better way than to blow of
International Taekwon-Do Defence Force
The International Taekwon-Do Defence Force (ITDF) is a martial arts group dedicated to the teachings and practices of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) created by General Choi Hong Hi. ITDF is a family orientated club with many students
Seikatsu Aikido
Aikido is a Japanese self defense Martial Art that employs the energy and aggression of an attacker to instigate a series of locks and holds and throws. This Art consists of traditional Samurai Ju-Jitsu technique and values. The founder of Aikido
Evolution Martial Arts
We run classes six days per week for kinder kids through to adults. We have been operating in the Mont Albert area for over 10 years And in that time have seen many young students grow into mature, confident
Outer Eastern Martial Arts
We offer traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate, Progressive Krav Maga and self defence for adults from 18 to 80. We do not train for sport but for self defence, fitness and personal satisfaction. As we are a not for profit club, our fees are low. Our
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